Monthly Archive: April 2015

Thunder down under?

If you are a warm blooded woman chances are you have heard of the hot male review “Thunder down under”. You know you’ve seen the pictures of the super tan, amazingly good looking aussie males without their shirts, in a pair of torn jeans or tiny speedos. And the interviews of them with their adorable aussie accents and perfectly primped hair.174722-40594e16-0729-11e4-8f5c-fd2015ae61d5


Well with Australia tailing slightly behind the United States in obesity rates… you will not be finding much of this on the beaches or around the posh swimming pools. (at least not here in Broadbeach)

This post is coming after many a bad moments in speedo land. With the european influence, it appears that the wearing of speedos is very accepted here. But mainly by middle to late aged men and skinny Asian tourist that obviously didn’t get the memo that said speedo should be fitted and not be worn as a diaper. The average guy is still wearing swim trunks (thank you for that).


Daydream Island and the Great Barrier Reef

I am so excited about this post. So much excited about it that honestly I have no idea where to start!

I guess I will start with the Hotel itself… Daydream Island Resort is well, for lack of a better description Motel 6 with Hilton Village grounds and Marriott prices on an island. Although you can tell in recent years that they “tried” to update the “ambiance” by installing modern headboards and a new bathroom counter tops, trust me this was not enough to hide the 1960’s aura that lingers in those rooms and the distinct feeling that the beds where once laid on by your grandmother on her vacation with her family. And please! please! please! don’t get me started on the food. Seriously! For those prices I thought I would get 5 star meals but, well, received Denny’s. And don’t get me wrong Denny’s has it’s time and place. (like at 2a.m. after a night of drinking with your buddies or 11am after drinking with your buddies)  But 5 days straight 3 meals a day was not the time.

But that being said, you cannot top the experience that comes on this magical little Island. After traveling by car, plane, bus and ferry (All of them short enough that right when the troops started to get restless we moved to the next mode of transportation.) We were plain out pooped. Kids add a whole new dimension to traveling for sure!


But when we saw our first wallaby freely jumping on the lawns and heard the giddy thrills of laughter bounding from the kids, the hectic day of travel seemed all worth while.