Monthly Archive: May 2015

A love letter to my sewing machine


Dear Sewing Machine,

I’ve decided to write you this letter, well, because I miss you! I know it’s been months since I last touched you and I hope you aren’t taking it personally. It’s not your fault I left you all alone. I just needed a little adventure in my life, a temperary change of scenery. (You understand? Don’t you?) So please don’t hold it against me when I return.

There are so many things I miss about you… our late nights sipping on Asti, creating whatever our little hearts desired while laughing together watching our favorite shows. Sometimes you wanted to watch a drama and we cried. I miss your delicate stitches and the way you always turned on by just the touch of my hand. You never talk back to me. Or interrupt me. Always agreeing with my choices and supportive when I change my mind and for that I am grateful. I look forward to us reuniting and I already have so many plans for our future together… dresses, bags, maybe a doll! So until we see each other again. I’ll be thinking of you!

Your loving human,