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Let’s take a drive to Springbrook

I was getting a little stir crazy being held up in my hotel room with my amazing ocean view (lol). So I decided to take a drive to Springbrook National Park. One of Australia’s many Parks on the heritage list. It’s a fairly short drive from Broadbeach so it was the perfect day trip for me. And Once you start to leave the cities behind the drive to Springbrook is beautiful!

I wanted to see a place nestled in Springbrook called Natural Bridge. The last few miles of my drive before arriving at my destination are so pretty. The tall trees have thinned out a bit and lush green grasslands have taken over. The mountains surround me and it is truly amazing. But the openness of it all is quickly devoured again by trees and I have arrived.

I am welcomed by the sounds of birds and frogs, towering trees and a small saying on a sign in aboriginal “Meenyahgu Yuambeh Dagun” – Welcome to Yagambeh Country. Say that three times! (Shit say it once… Correctly?!) This ancient rainforest was the home to an aboriginal tribe called the Yugambeh.

“Yugambeh Yahnbai gull bahn” -Yugambeh are still here. And It’s weird you can feel it.