Random thoughts

A love letter to my sewing machine


Dear Sewing Machine,

I’ve decided to write you this letter, well, because I miss you! I know it’s been months since I last touched you and I hope you aren’t taking it personally. It’s not your fault I left you all alone. I just needed a little adventure in my life, a temperary change of scenery. (You understand? Don’t you?) So please don’t hold it against me when I return.

There are so many things I miss about you… our late nights sipping on Asti, creating whatever our little hearts desired while laughing together watching our favorite shows. Sometimes you wanted to watch a drama and we cried. I miss your delicate stitches and the way you always turned on by just the touch of my hand. You never talk back to me. Or interrupt me. Always agreeing with my choices and supportive when I change my mind and for that I am grateful. I look forward to us reuniting and I already have so many plans for our future together… dresses, bags, maybe a doll! So until we see each other again. I’ll be thinking of you!

Your loving human,


Thunder down under?

If you are a warm blooded woman chances are you have heard of the hot male review “Thunder down under”. You know you’ve seen the pictures of the super tan, amazingly good looking aussie males without their shirts, in a pair of torn jeans or tiny speedos. And the interviews of them with their adorable aussie accents and perfectly primped hair.174722-40594e16-0729-11e4-8f5c-fd2015ae61d5


Well with Australia tailing slightly behind the United States in obesity rates… you will not be finding much of this on the beaches or around the posh swimming pools. (at least not here in Broadbeach)

This post is coming after many a bad moments in speedo land. With the european influence, it appears that the wearing of speedos is very accepted here. But mainly by middle to late aged men and skinny Asian tourist that obviously didn’t get the memo that said speedo should be fitted and not be worn as a diaper. The average guy is still wearing swim trunks (thank you for that).


I thought I’d sound cool by now

Chances are if I hang out with you long enough and you have a distinct mannerism that you do or a word you use all to much, I will begin to do it as well. I’m not making fun of you or even purposely trying to copy you, I’m an  “absorber”. I do it all the time. My brother says “dude” constantly! Give me two hours with the guy and everyone I know is now dude!

So that’s why after 2 months in Australia, I thought I’d sound cool by now?!

I’ve learned that if you want to sound like an Aussie you have to abbreviate everything and I mean everything! Avocado=Avo Brisbane=Brizzie Football=footy Sunglasses=Sunnies Brekkie=Breakfast

You get it the gist of it. I’ve also figured out that if it ends with an R you might as well not even recognize it exists. But if it ends in an A then add a R. Are you following? Now add a sing-song quality to it all and well there you go… Aussie!


Dancing in the sun

“Dance like nobody’s watching” ~William Purkey

We’ve all heard the saying, but have we ever experienced it?

My daughter is going to school with a beach across the street from it right now. Every couple of days we walk along the water on the way home. School clothes and all.

There is nothing more amazing then watching her run, jump and DANCE with such joy. The music that’s playing, is the songs in her head. The one’s about butterflies, fairies, love and her sister. Basically everything she still finds beautiful and magical in the world. (Things we as adults have forgotten to appreciate)

And as her toes dance in and out of the water, as she decides it’s now the appropriate time to fall to the ground in dramatic fashion because the song and her body calls for it. I find myself so envious of her. Envious of her ability to just ignore all the people passing by and just live in her now… beach, sun,sand and the light.

Seashells by the Seashore

The moment I step onto a beach I can’t help myself. My eyes immediately start darting around from side to side in search of seashells! This goes the same for my five year old. I guess the only difference is, she moves on to other things, playing in the water, building sandcastles. But once I start I can’t stop! I become obsessed. My favorite is laying on the edge as the water grazes my feet, both hands in the sand as I dig for my treasures.

I’m not bias. I love the uniqueness and beauty in them all, wether they are big or small. But I do have to say, there is nothing more rewarding then when you find the perfect shell. The one that doesn’t have a single chip on it. The ones you can enjoy in their entirety. When I find those I feel so accomplished.


I am however in search for the allusive spiral seashell. The one that you can enjoy in all its beauty without a single chip. I am beginning to believe this shell is the unicorn of all shells. I think the possibility of finding this rare shell is what drives my search… and so it continues.

UPDATE (more…)

Let me be honest

Let me be honest. I have become a homebody. Somewhere along the line I got boring. And to tell the truth I am not sure when.

I think maybe it happened shortly after I had my first child. Possibly it was my way of just  surviving, something I did to keep things simple in my increasingly chaotic life. Or maybe it is because I felt that, thats what moms did. Stop living exciting lives and live only for the little ones that had blessed us with their presence.

It started a few months ago, the stagnate feeling started to come over me. I needed something new. The adventurer inside me wanted out. The girl that use to up and go, try new things, wanted freedom again. The old me the one that I tucked away because of kids was increasingly letting her presence be known.

So I did it. I said the words out loud. “I just need a change.”

Everyone knows that old saying “be careful what you ask for.”

Well one short week later the idea of traveling to Australia for my husbands work was put on the table. Now you would think my inner adventurer would jump at this opportunity but I had suppressed her for so long her voice was weak. My inner homebody had more power. I don’t know what I was thinking saying those words out loud for the universe to hear. Was I just hoping that it would present me with a new restaurant to bring the kids? Or maybe a new indoor play yard?

Instead the universe had rose up and presented me with an adventure for me and my family to share together and I am so glad it did. I have only been in Australia for a month and it has already shown and taught me so much.

It has shown me that I can travel with two kids (as long as I pack sufficient snacks and diapers). That sometimes the schedule can be tweaked. Lunch can be moved from noon to twelve-thirty and naps can be thrown out the window. But more importantly. That seeing a new world through two sets of eyes both young and older is… well for lack of better words truly eye opening. That although my adventures have changed from my adventures to our adventures and along with that the way I tackle them, it is still possible. That moms too can be exciting on occasion.

This trip has not only has changed the way I do things now, but hopefully this feeling of excitement and achievement will be something that will shape the way I tackle things in future.