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Dancing in the sun

“Dance like nobody’s watching” ~William Purkey

We’ve all heard the saying, but have we ever experienced it?

My daughter is going to school with a beach across the street from it right now. Every couple of days we walk along the water on the way home. School clothes and all.

There is nothing more amazing then watching her run, jump and DANCE with such joy. The music that’s playing, is the songs in her head. The one’s about butterflies, fairies, love and her sister. Basically everything she still finds beautiful and magical in the world. (Things we as adults have forgotten to appreciate)

And as her toes dance in and out of the water, as she decides it’s now the appropriate time to fall to the ground in dramatic fashion because the song and her body calls for it. I find myself so envious of her. Envious of her ability to just ignore all the people passing by and just live in her now… beach, sun,sand and the light.