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I thought I’d sound cool by now

Chances are if I hang out with you long enough and you have a distinct mannerism that you do or a word you use all to much, I will begin to do it as well. I’m not making fun of you or even purposely trying to copy you, I’m an  “absorber”. I do it all the time. My brother says “dude” constantly! Give me two hours with the guy and everyone I know is now dude!

So that’s why after 2 months in Australia, I thought I’d sound cool by now?!

I’ve learned that if you want to sound like an Aussie you have to abbreviate everything and I mean everything! Avocado=Avo Brisbane=Brizzie Football=footy Sunglasses=Sunnies Brekkie=Breakfast

You get it the gist of it. I’ve also figured out that if it ends with an R you might as well not even recognize it exists. But if it ends in an A then add a R. Are you following? Now add a sing-song quality to it all and well there you go… Aussie!