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I am an actress, mom, wife and avid crafter.

Let me be honest

Let me be honest. I have become a homebody. Somewhere along the line I got boring. And to tell the truth I am not sure when.

I think maybe it happened shortly after I had my first child. Possibly it was my way of just  surviving, something I did to keep things simple in my increasingly chaotic life. Or maybe it is because I felt that, thats what moms did. Stop living exciting lives and live only for the little ones that had blessed us with their presence.

It started a few months ago, the stagnate feeling started to come over me. I needed something new. The adventurer inside me wanted out. The girl that use to up and go, try new things, wanted freedom again. The old me the one that I tucked away because of kids was increasingly letting her presence be known.

So I did it. I said the words out loud. “I just need a change.”

Everyone knows that old saying “be careful what you ask for.”

Well one short week later the idea of traveling to Australia for my husbands work was put on the table. Now you would think my inner adventurer would jump at this opportunity but I had suppressed her for so long her voice was weak. My inner homebody had more power. I don’t know what I was thinking saying those words out loud for the universe to hear. Was I just hoping that it would present me with a new restaurant to bring the kids? Or maybe a new indoor play yard?

Instead the universe had rose up and presented me with an adventure for me and my family to share together and I am so glad it did. I have only been in Australia for a month and it has already shown and taught me so much.

It has shown me that I can travel with two kids (as long as I pack sufficient snacks and diapers). That sometimes the schedule can be tweaked. Lunch can be moved from noon to twelve-thirty and naps can be thrown out the window. But more importantly. That seeing a new world through two sets of eyes both young and older is… well for lack of better words truly eye opening. That although my adventures have changed from my adventures to our adventures and along with that the way I tackle them, it is still possible. That moms too can be exciting on occasion.

This trip has not only has changed the way I do things now, but hopefully this feeling of excitement and achievement will be something that will shape the way I tackle things in future.