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If you are a warm blooded woman chances are you have heard of the hot male review “Thunder down under”. You know you’ve seen the pictures of the super tan, amazingly good looking aussie males without their shirts, in a pair of torn jeans or tiny speedos. And the interviews of them with their adorable aussie accents and perfectly primped hair.174722-40594e16-0729-11e4-8f5c-fd2015ae61d5


Well with Australia tailing slightly behind the United States in obesity rates… you will not be finding much of this on the beaches or around the posh swimming pools. (at least not here in Broadbeach)

This post is coming after many a bad moments in speedo land. With the european influence, it appears that the wearing of speedos is very accepted here. But mainly by middle to late aged men and skinny Asian tourist that obviously didn’t get the memo that said speedo should be fitted and not be worn as a diaper. The average guy is still wearing swim trunks (thank you for that).

I especially want to do a shout out to the over weight man in the THONG speedo that had a patch of fabric barely big enough to cover his balls. I don’t have the balls to wear a bikini post baby, but you my man,you have taught me that I honestly shouldn’t give a shit! If i want to rock it, I should ROCK IT! Tail feathers and all!

In my business growing up, age, youth and skinny were the requirement and although I am not over weight by any means these pressures still shape and mold the decisionsĀ I make while heading to the beach.

The double standard does as well. While walking past me on the beach last week an over weight man in a speedo with his belly generously (and by generous I mean extremely) flowing over his tiny patch of fabric says to his friend about a young barely overweight lady “what made her think she could get away with wearing that swimsuit?”

I was in shock! Did he not look in the mirror? He obviously had eyes as he could see her flaws but why not his own? Why is it ok for men to judge so harshly? (Because this isn’t the first time I have heard such double standards.) Is it the ridiculous t.v. shows where the fat guy gets the gorgeous thin wife, and the commercials I see constantly, here and overseas that show the same. Is this what raises mens confidence to such high levels to enable them to make such bold statements… Or is it just that? Society’s double standard. The idea that we as women must be young, thin and beautiful forever (even after kids), while the men are allowed the graces to age and JUDGE however they see fit?

***disclaimer: I know all men don’t judge and all Asian tourist don’t wear speedos like diapers. Just ranting out loud šŸ˜‰

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