A day out and about

Out into the world


As I woke in the morning I could feel the excitement. Today was the big day! Ok well, not so big, but exciting all the same. I took my oldest to school, outlined the day for my “little” with the baby sitter and I was off.

I jumped in the car, cranked up the radio and sailed down the gold coast highway. It wasn’t even ten in the morning and I had already done two things I don’t normally do on my own, what freedom! Freedom to drive uninterrupted and freedom to burst my eardrums if I wanted to.

The day was hot and humid but I didn’t care. I was on a mission. Heading to Fingal head lighthouse. As I get out of the car I can smell the ocean and with the humidity taste the salt (or was that my sweat). As I wonder down the trails I see a kookaburra sitting on a gum tree and I am reminded of the song that I learned as a kid. Back then I thought it was just a song with a funny bird. But now I get it, they exist (both the bird and the tree). Life really does come full circle, thanks Oprah you are wise.

As I walk down the trail shaded by leaves glowing bright by the sun the path opens up to a beautiful white sand beach as far as the eye can see with the most beautiful green blue water ever. I immediately take off my shoes to feel the soft sand between my toes and begin to look around taking it in, trying to make it all stick to memory.


Now I am not sure if I have just watched to much T.V. over the years or my recollection of all other lighthouses has been romanticized in my mind over the years. But after climbing what felt like an eternity of stairs in the mid summer sun. I was.. well for lack of better word s a little disappointed. I mean it was cute. Yes cute. So I snap a few pictures and moved on. And that is when it happened! Dolphins! I see Dolphins. My spirit animal! I knew right then and there that I was in the right place. I don’t seriously believe in spirit animals but if I did these would be mine for sure! They are just such amazing beautiful beings. I know I can’t swim (not well at least) but for a brief moment, overwhelmed by beauty of it all.  I found myself contemplating the idea of jumping off the cliff and joining them as the frolicked in the ocean. Good thing common sense returned and I didn’t jump. But to be honest I think it was because I was afraid to loose my third baby aka camera.


The next thing I had put on my list of things to accomplish that day was to lay on the beach. In a …… wait for it…bikini! Now I get it, this is something most mothers shy away from. (Well, unless you are Giselle freaking Bundchen!) I have to say this was my husbands idea. He said “he thought it would be good for me.”  And I have to say this sounded a bit ridiculous. But it felt good. It felt good not to wear a moo moo of a swimsuit at the beach and just be me, stretch marks and all. To feel the warm sun on my skin as the waves lapped over me. Damn he was right again! Shhhh don’t tell him. Not a bad ending to a beautiful day. (Oh and the babysitter did laundry! win! win!)





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